I hold a Ph.D. in International Economics and Finance, from Brandeis University. My research interests are in Behavioral Macroeconomics and Finance. I have strong experience in research, teaching, and asset management.

My research focuses on analyzing departures from full-information rational expectations, assessing the role of belief distortions in these departures, and evaluating the implications for policymakers in finance and macroeconomics. 

I am a Fulbright Scholar (2009), I hold an MBA and an MA in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis, and I am a Chartered Financial Analyst with over seven years of experience as a Portfolio Manager.

I have extensive teaching experience. At the University of the West Indies, I taught undergraduate finance courses. At Brandeis, I teach economics and finance courses to graduate students as well as undergrads. 

I am an incoming Assistant Professor of Economics at Drew University.